By Weigh Down Lifestyle

May 9, 2022

revive workshop

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1. Watch the Day 3 Video

2. Complete the Day 3 Worksheet

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  1. Thanks Ruth & Kayce, for another awesome session of wisdom & truths! I need to be reminded of all of this & it's been so GOOD! I don't have words to express to you how thankful I am to you both! I love you two!

  2. Yes, my relationship with food…that’s the deal. I want to have a healthy relationship with food.

    Garbage food/ so much food is.

  3. The part about being consistent really resonated with me. It truly is about progress over perfection. And yes, we will make mistakes, but we can learn so much from those mistakes!

  4. So very thankful for the workshop. Very informative and insightful! Helps me to think about what I put in my body or temple. Nutrition is of the utmost importance as the purpose of consuming food.

  5. THANK YOU!!! Message in this video is God's conformation for me about my new eating lifestyle and mindset I chose 5 1/2 months ago, my body is God's temple and only food with nutritional value should go in my body. I am not rigid but I am consistent and very intentional and committed about what is "good" or "bad". It's really comforting to hear your message. I have been "judged" by some in recovery ministry because my idea of food discipline doesn't align with their idea. Message in this video truly blessed me. Thank you both again!

    1. Amy, thank you for sharing! We are so glad that this message blessed you 🙂 Keep going with your new lifestyle and mindset – you are on the right path and being intentional and committed will serve you very well!

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