By Weigh Down Lifestyle

May 9, 2022

revive workshop

Your Task

1. Watch the Day 2 Video

2. Complete the Day 2 Worksheet

3. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Excellent food for thought! Need to work on taking my thoughts captive! Very good things to think about and work on. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This Day 2 workshop was very helpful. It motivated me to remove negative groups from my social media. I will be thinking more seriously about following those facebook pages that are not encouraging.

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts today.

  3. Another good session. I agree that taking thoughts captive is so important and must be practiced. It is so easy to go along the negative path. It is important for me to seek God's help in making me conscious of those thoughts and intentional in what I choose to put into my mind. Morning devotions and scripture reading at the beginning of my day is important.

    Thanks again for the session.

  4. Wow, 80% of our thoughts are negative!
    No wonder I look for something to try and fix that.
    And then it takes 5-9 positive thoughts to overcome 1 bad thought!!
    God gave us these amazing minds to help us in life, if we don’t pay attention and take captive those negative thoughts, I can see how easy it would be to be consumed by negative thoughts and easily head down that negative path!!
    The idea of multiplying garbage is not a pleasant one!!
    Thank you for this great messaging encouragement!

  5. Very good food for thought! I do need to take my thoughts captive. Thank you so much for sharing these videos!

  6. Great reminder to take our thoughts captive & to be intentional about the content we consume each day.

  7. So much truly is about mindset and our thoughts! During another one of your workshops, you recommended that we say, "I love my life!" right away upon waking up. I've done that, and it makes a huge difference!

  8. Such a powerful message from Day 2. I do spend to much time watching TV. It's become a habit that isn't good for me. So much of time could be used more wisely! I am very thankful for this workshop. It helps me see, what I do to contribute to my thoughts and feelings. My time watching and listening to the videos is a much wiser choice. Lord help me to value myself! You value me enough to give me a strong desire to be more active! Resources! May today lead to a new routine of weeks to come. Thank you.

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