By Ruth Verbree

September 3, 2021

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Prayer is a powerful weapon… are you using it to your advantage? When is the last time that you have used a prayer for weight loss?

God wants to hear everything. I was listening to a sermon not too long ago, and the speaker was talking about our relationship with God. It’s not about just dumping all of your problems onto Him and then forgetting about Him for the rest of the day. No! It’s about a real relationship.

The example the speaker gave was this… Picture yourself having coffee with your best girlfriend. Did you become best friends by listing off all of your problems, taking a sip of coffee, and then leaving? Absolutely not.

No, in order to build real relationships, you talk about your problems. You actively listen. You discuss. Real relationships are reciprocal. And it should be no different in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

So, when we bring our weight struggles to Him, we shouldn’t just be dumping that on His shoulders and then leaving. We need to confess, take responsibility for what we’ve done, and then ask Him for help. Then, we need to worship Him in reverence – He is SO GOOD!

Last, we give thanks for all that He has created and given us. No matter where we are in life, we have so much to be thankful for.

Here is a prayer that we have for our Weigh Down Lifestyle Community. I have it printed in my office to see every single day!

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Prayer For Weight Loss 3

Dear Lord,

I come before you this day and ask for your provision.

I give my body to you, for your glory. I believe that my body is a temple and that I should treat it with honour, love, respect and integrity.  I believe that means that my inner voice and my self-talk must fall in line with honouring and loving myself as well.

I haven’t always done a good job of that, and I want to ask for your forgiveness. Create in me a clean heart and I ask that you help me renew my mind. You have made me in your image – you knit me together perfectly in my mother’s womb. Please help me to accept this as truth and to no longer believe the lies that I have been telling myself.

You have created abundance in the world for me to enjoy, within the boundaries of moderation and self-control. I pray that your spirit would work within me as I develop discipline and self-control in all aspects of my life, and specifically towards my nutrition and dietary habits.

I pray that you would give me peace and fulfillment so that I don’t feel the urge to turn towards food to manage my emotions and stress. I ask that you help me choose wisely with each choice I make today. Please give me the skills that I need to manage the stress in my life so that I can be healthy in my mind, body, and spirit.

Thank-you for the beautiful, wonderfully created body that you have given me and please teach me to honor and love myself as you do.


Download your copy of our Prayer For Weight Loss here!

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Prayer For Weight Loss 4

Ruth Verbree

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  1. Thank you for sending me that prayer, it made tears in my eyes. It’s so beautiful and so true. I’ve been so down on myself for many, many, many years I have nothing descent to wear. I wear pajamas everyday with elastic waist. I’m so discouraged. Like I said I feel like the world is on my shoulders, my son isn’t doing well, and yesterday morning my good friend of 25 years died of cancer. My son is so hurt. I’m devestated about it. I will miss her. She was a wonderful, godly woman. I hope to be in the next workshop. God bless you Ruth. I love you and appreciate you so much. Love Patricia

  2. Ruth this is so beautiful!! Oh how I love our Lord and am so thankful he loves me. And he listens always!! What better friend than that!! I love your workshops and learn so much. Thank you for helping us. Norine

  3. That is a beautiful thank you for sharing it gona print it out and frame it ,thanks again to you and all your family for the great interest and love you put in this group God Bless !

  4. Dear Ruth as I stated to read about your book life begins at sixty I could relate to you and tears filled my eyes as of October 12 I will be turning 70 and feel I’ve let my life as I got older slip away and seeing some one eles in the mirror ageing . I for one along With thousands of woman feel the same way. I have locked my self up in a prison inside my self screaming to get out and love laugh and live again. Thank you so much for this journey I started on with the weigh down lifestyle and to have the opportunity to each day with Gods help take baby steps to change and live again. I’m so excited to read you book and keep going with the new lifestyle change. With God and you along my side this woman locked inside me will emerge and I can and will find fulfillment in my life again. Thank you Ruth again . I to am printing and framing the prayer to say it every morning to start my healing . I’m very thankful that God brought you to my life.

  5. I need prayer in this I need to lose 20 pds pray for been very hard to lose this last 20 pds I’m at 159 and my height is 5.3 pray for it to down love you Have a Blessed Day

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