By Ruth Verbree

March 12, 2022

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Have you ever wondered why so many leaders are talking about the word mindfulness? It seems that this is a “phrase” in our world right now where every mentor or guru on the market is talking about being mindful, and in so many aspects of our lives. And that is where mindfulness journal prompts come in – they can be a great way to quickly adjust your perspective and ask yourself some important questions.

How can we be mindful in our everyday life when we can’t seem to focus for even 10 minutes without being distracted? We reach for our phones, our devices. Our ears are tuned to the television or the media, all the devastation on the news, COVID, and it’s all manipulating and calling for our attention. 

Mindfulness from the Oxford dictionary says that it means the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Or another definition is that mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Either way, if we are not aware, the opposite of this is being unaware. Then we must stop and ask ourselves:

Why Does It Matter If We Are Unaware?

This sounds like a very simple answer – but it is quite complex when we dive deep. Being unaware can be hurtful to ourselves and others. 

Being unaware of a water leak in our house could be a disaster waiting to happen. The foundation of our house could be crumbling and we could find ourselves homeless all because of being unaware. 

Being unaware of our fuel gauge on our vehicle could cause us to run out of fuel in the middle of a busy highway which could cause a huge backlog of traffic and unhappy drivers waiting for you to get your vehicle towed, not to mention the expense of this mishap, and all because of being unaware. 

Being unaware of black ice on your driveway could cause you to slip and fall and potentially cause you to break a leg or an arm, which further leads to months of pain and difficulty getting around, all because of being unaware. 

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Going deeper and getting more personal, being unaware of the way our words and actions affect those around us could be detrimental to our relationships.

Being unaware of what we are eating could be dangerous to our health and cause us to gain or lose a lot of weight.

Why Mindfulness Can Be So Beneficial To Our Lives

So now that we see how our lives can be impacted by not being aware, let’s think about why mindfulness can be so beneficial to our lives. 

Read another blog post of mine, where I share a great metaphor with Sea glass: The Beauty Of Sea Glass

When we are fully aware of what’s going on around us, we have the potential to enjoy life a whole lot more. We have the ability to see opportunities around us because we are aware of what people are doing and saying and we can ask questions and have a greater understanding of how things affect our lives, for the good and for the bad. 

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When we are aware, we can change direction or figure out solutions when necessary to negate the problems or negative circumstances around us. Take the water leak for example…when we are aware, we can turn off the water and get a plumber in to fix the problem before it goes down deeper to destroy the foundation of our house. 

When we are aware that we are watching way too much television, then we can choose to turn it off and focus on something more beneficial to our current situation.

When we are aware, we can hold our tongues and take our thoughts captive so that we respond in love rather than react with hurtful words and harmful actions. We want to live out the golden rule and do unto others as we would have others do unto us, so being mindful helps us to be a shining example of this way of life. 

Mindfulness Journal Prompts

Here is a list of mindfulness journal prompts that may help you in the future so that you learn to become more aware so that you can live out the best version of yourself. 

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  1. What is the best thing that happened to me today?
  2. What am I grateful for right now?
  3. What did I accomplish today?
  4. What did I do better this week than I did last week?
  5. What is a vocabulary word I learned to implement in my communication this week?
  6. What is something I experienced this week that was totally thrilling?
  7. How am I learning and growing in my relationship with God? 
  8. What have I procrastinated on in the last 24 hours? 
  9. What mess in my life do I want to tackle this week so that I am helping myself move forward?
  10. Am I prioritizing the things that will help me move forward in business, relationships and my own life?
  11. What is something I want to change in my life?
  12. What is something in my life right now that I am excited to tell my friends and family about?
  13. Am I being the best version of myself?
  14. Am I focusing on my health enough, getting the right nutrition and movement daily?
  15. Are my finances the way I would like them to be?
  16. Am I on track to meet my personal goals?
  17. Do I need to readjust my goals?
  18. Who do I need to reach out to in order to build my relationships?
  19. Who do I need to spend less time with because they are making my life more negative?
  20. Who do I need to serve?
  21. Am I spending enough time with Jesus?
  22. How is Jesus blessing me today?
  23.  Which book am I reading and what am I learning from it?
  24. Do I need to block time on my calendar for “me” time?
  25. Am I loving my neighbor like myself?
  26. What do I love about myself?
  27. What qualities do I not like about myself?
  28. What is my greatest fear?
  29. Am I stepping out of my comfort level in some areas of my life?
  30. Am I learning and growing or becoming stagnant in my life?

These are just a few statements that will help you to reflect on how your life is and on what you wish to change. Being aware of your successes and your failures helps you to learn, grow, and redirect or change direction so that you can lift yourself to live your best life with purpose so that you live your life without regrets. 

Mindfulness really does matter!

Mindfulness With The Food You Eat

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Kayce and I have a 5 day workshop that talks all about being mindful about what you put into your body. So much of what the Weigh Down Lifestyle stands for is being mindful about what you are doing. What are you eating today? Did you move your body today? What healthy choice can you make that today that is going to get you one step closer to your goal?

These are all questions that you should be asking yourself, and just a small sample of what we cover in the 5 day Food Freedom Workshop. You can get instant access to Day 1 right now, but clicking here:

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Be a little more mindful today,
Ruth Verbree

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