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September 22, 2022

should I Eat That

There are so many irrational thoughts that are keeping you stuck in your weight loss journey! We have so many thoughts running through our minds every day. In fact, experts say that we have between 50-80 thousand thoughts everyday… That’s a lot of stuff going through our minds!

That’s like over 2000 thoughts per hour! And 80% of those thoughts are negative, so probably lots of them are irrational.

What Are Examples Of Irrational Thoughts?

What kind of thoughts do you have going through your mind? I’m guessing if you are overweight, you have thoughts like:

  • I’m so fat.
  • I’m so embarrassed about the way I look.
  • I hate the way I look.
  • How can anyone love me this way?
  • I’m never going to lose weight!

Maybe you have carried your weight around with you for a long time and you are actually scared to let go of it. And, you may think that the above statement is an irrational thought!

Why Do I Keep Having Irrational Thoughts?

Here are some of the reasons we hear why women get stuck with their extra weight.

  1. I had multiple pregnancies without the chance in-between to actually shed the pounds.
  2. I just love food too much and overeat.
  3. My life has been too stressful and food is my comfort. I can’t stop myself.
  4. I’m too busy to exercise with work, family, and other activities going on right now.
  5. I had a traumatic event happen and I just can’t seem to get on track.

Do Any Of These Reasons For Irrational Thoughts Resonate With You?

In this post, I want to talk about one irrational thought that is keeping you stuck.You may have never heard this one before, so here it is:

You’re Afraid To Change!

change is the missing piece
Irrational Thoughts That Are Keeping You Stuck In Your Weight Loss Journey 2

You may disagree, but let me explain what I mean. But first of all, what does it actually mean to be afraid to change?

There are two parts to this irrational thought. The first part is that you’re actually afraid to change. The second part is that you’ve got a big, deep, dark secret that you are holding onto about your weight.

Often it turns out that the number on your scale is telling you something that you are holding onto very deeply and so strongly. The only person in the whole entire world who has ever seen that number is you and your doctor. NO ONE ELSE. It’s a deep, dark secret and well hidden.

These Secrets Hold A Lot Of Power Over Us

So when you think about these deep, dark secrets, that’s what we mean when we say we’re afraid to change. We are afraid to be vulnerable. We are afraid to actually open up and share those secrets even with our closest friends who actually care and want to help us.

These dark secrets hold a lot of power over us – more than we want to admit. We have often talked about how what we hold in the dark holds so much power over us and this is one example of the power.

Pretending That We Don’t Have Irrational And Intrusive Thoughts

The other aspect is that many women have a significant other or a spouse, and so often it’s in that relationship where women hold that scale number a secret. It’s like we’re walking around pretending that nobody will notice that we are overweight or that we are overeating.

It’s behaviors like;

  • Snacking too much
  • Going to the junk food cupboard too often
  • Sneaking into the freezer for chocolate chips
  • Eating when no one is looking
  • Making sure nobody sees you going through the drive-thru again

It’s like we’re walking around pretending that nobody will notice that we are overweight or that we are overeating…

We indulge in all these behaviors and think that no one knows. These are obsessive irrational thoughts. It’s like if they don’t know the number on the scale, then they don’t know any of these hidden behaviors. They are our own little secret!

God Knows Our Irrational Thoughts and Hidden Behaviors

God knows… We want to be truthful and have everything out in the open with God. When we surrender it all to Him, we must then learn to invite God into every aspect of our weight loss journey. Let’s start to invite God to the table. Once we begin to get into the habit of inviting God into every meal, we learn to let go. We can get rid of the fear of change and actually open up to Him.

Once we bring all of our irrational thoughts and hidden behaviors into the light, it may be easier to talk about your journey with a friend. It’s okay to talk to someone about your struggles. Yes, even your weight loss journey. Who knows, they might even be willing to be your accountability partner. This definitely must be someone you trust, who you feel safe with, and you know you can talk about your wins and your struggles.

It’s okay to talk to someone about your struggles. Yes, even your weight loss journey.

You Are Taking Back The Power

So many women struggle with being vulnerable about their body image and about that number on the scale. But once you find someone to be open with, it’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Rather than have this hidden secret that is holding power over you, you are now taking the power back and it feels so good. The chains have been broken and you will feel free to finally be real – to be yourself.

If you feel like you have no one to talk to – no one that feels safe – the first step would be to get a journal and start writing down your thoughts. And yes, even if they are irrational thoughts.

That will be really difficult. That will be hard to do if you’ve never talked to anyone or been accountable before. Writing it down makes it real and that’s a huge awareness. But it’s like bringing it into the light.

Write it down. Read it. Then ask yourself how you would respond with this if this was from a trusted friend.

Change can be a bit scary, but a healthy change is so exciting. Give your irrational thoughts to God and let Him guide you through every change each day. You will still be the same person who God made you to be – a Beautiful Woman Chosen For Greatness!

Ruth & Kayce

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