By Kayce Broening

April 22, 2022

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If you are anything like most women, you’ve calculated the length of time you have until your next big event. It usually comes down to “uh oh… I need to find out how to lose 2 pounds a week!

Maybe you have 2 months until an important wedding… or 6 months until a milestone birthday…or maybe a few weeks until your next high school reunion!

And every time a big event starts creeping up…you decide that “NOW IS THE TIME” to lose the weight.

You think to yourself…

“I need to lose 20 pounds in the next 2 months. So that works out to 10 pounds this month…which means I need to lose at LEAST 2-3 pounds a week!”

That sounds doable right!?

Well, here’s where I want to give you the answer you didn’t really know you were looking for.

You cannot control how fast or how slow the scale moves.

Speed Of The Scale

You and I could eat exactly the same foods and portion sizes for the next week, and you might lose 5 pounds and I might lose 1. Or you might lose 2 pounds and I might lose 4. 

The truth is, our bodies are all different. God designed them that way.

In fact, He knit your body together perfectly – you were created without mistake…In fact, check out my blog post called “you are not an accident” if you need a little positive reminder about yourself.

Some women lose weight quickly. Some lose weight slowly. 

The stone-cold truth is that you and I cannot control how fast or how slow the scale moves.

Now, you’re probably thinking…”ok Kayce, well that isn’t really helpful – I want to learn how to lose 2 pounds a week!”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered – I’m going to give you my 5 best tips to lose weight at the end, so stick with me.

But before I get to that, what I truly want you to know is that the more you can detach yourself from what the scale says, the more success you will have on your weight loss journey.

I know that sounds really counter-intuitive. Focus less on the scale to lose more pounds??

That’s EXACTLY what I’m trying to tell you.

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How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week 3

Focus On The Process… NOT The Outcome

I love the saying “Focus on the process, NOT the outcome.” It’s relevant for almost every aspect of your life, but specifically with weight loss.

Think about it: when all you care about is the number on the scale, your whole mindset is centered around the outcome. You don’t really care about the process it takes to achieve that outcome.

That’s where fad diets come in because you will do almost anything to get your desired outcome. 

(and p.s. those fad diets aren’t getting you the lasting results you’ve been looking for, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this wanting to know how to lose 2 pounds a week!).

Then what happens is this: you don’t achieve your desired outcome on the scale (maybe you ONLY lost 10 pounds instead of the 15 you were hoping for), so you decide that it isn’t worth your time. You ditch it all and go back to all your old habits simply because the scale didn’t tell you the number you were hoping for.


That’s what happens when you focus solely on the outcome.

But When You Focus On The Process…

Now instead think about focusing on the process. This becomes about the WHY and the WHAT you are doing in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

It becomes less and less about the scale (the outcome). 

And that changes the entire picture. The funny thing is that when you begin to focus on the process, you almost always end up with better outcomes anyhow. 

From my experience of coaching hundreds of women throughout their weight loss journeys, this is a big light bulb moment.

It’s the moment when women realize that in order to get healthy and lose weight in a sustainable way, they need to focus on something other than the scale.

The Scale Is Only One Measurement Of Your Health

The scale really only tells you 1 thing – it’s one small measurement of your health. It doesn’t define who you are. And it certainly shouldn’t be your benchmark for success.

Focus on WHY you want to lose the weight – maybe it’s for health reasons, maybe it’s to feel good about yourself for the first time in a long time, maybe it’s to lessen medications, maybe it’s to be able to chase after your kids/grandkids, maybe it’s because for the first time ever you are choosing to love yourself enough to treat your body well.

Focus On The HOW

Focus on HOW you want to lose the weight – and here’s my best advice for the HOW…(and then I’ll share my best tips to lose that weight you want to lose!)

Make a healthy lifestyle for yourself that you LOVE. Sure, changing your habits can be challenging, but you need to love what you are doing, otherwise you won’t stick to it. If you create a lifestyle for yourself that you actually like, then losing the weight becomes bearable (dare I say enjoyable!?). 

It isn’t about punishing yourself or depriving yourself because you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror. It becomes about making decisions that align with your goal of getting healthy…in ways that are sustainable so that you can continue living (aka you can still eat foods that you like and you can still go out to eat!)

Ok, so now that we have that all covered, I know that you are here reading because you want to lose weight…and trust me, I get it! If you don’t know my story by now, you can read about how I lost 85 pounds without being on a diet.

So I can tell you from experience what works to lose weight… 

My Best 5 Tips On How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week

Portion Control

Learn to think of your food as fuel for your body. You need the right amount of fuel for your body to run…not too much fuel cause that’s wasteful, and not too little because you can’t run on empty. So the next time you load up your plate, think about the amount of fuel your body actually requires to run well. Plus, portion control is what allows us to eat all foods in moderation – even while losing weight!! (can I get an AMEN for that one!?)

Veggies Are Your Friend

Vegetables are amazing – they are full of vitamins and minerals and fibre (all of which your body needs). So the next time you load up your plate, load it up with more veggies and less of everything else. 

Be Consistent

You can’t eat healthy for 1 day and expect to lose the weight. Weight loss is a lesson in consistency. 1 healthy meal doesn’t make you healthy. And 1 unhealthy meal doesn’t make you unhealthy, it’s what you do consistently over time that creates your results. Every decision you make matters, so start to consistently make the healthy choices and manage your portion sizes, and if you keep that up, you will reap the rewards of weight loss.

Lose The Food Guilt

Lose the food guilt. You and I have some pretty mixed up wires in our brains around food as a result of fad diet culture. Those mixed up wires cause us to think some very strange things…and to get caught in that guilt and shame cycle around food. We often use the example of a banana – like have you ever felt guilty for eating a banana cause it had too many calories or carbs? That’s crazy – bananas are a whole, natural food that God made for us to enjoy.

So why are we stuck feeling guilty when we eat it? Here’s a quick question to ask yourself before you eat something: “How will I feel an hour from now if I choose to eat this?” If the answer is “guilty,” then maybe that isn’t the best choice for right now because we want to enjoy what we choose to eat, whether it’s something healthy or something not so healthy. So if there will be guilty associated with what you are choosing to eat, then you know that you have some more work to do with uncrossing those wires in your brain (it’s a process). Which leads me to part b…

Start Choosing… Not Cheating

CHOOSE, don’t cheat. You are in control over what you choose to eat. So take responsibility for what you choose, because when you say you cheated, it just spirals you right back into that guilt and shame cycle (which doesn’t lead anywhere good). Here’s the caveat, you will have bad moments and bad days where you eat things that don’t align with your goals – we all have those days – but take responsibility for those times. And then pick yourself back up and make the next decision count. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t head down the guilt and shame cycle – instead realize that this is a journey about progress NOT perfection (and then refer back to point 3).

Drink Your Water

I know this one sounds a bit cliche, but water is a crucial component of losing weight. So the next time you feel snacky or hungry, go take a few big drinks of water. Because sometimes we eat when our body is actually trying to tell us that we are hungry. The goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day…but start where you’re at. If you currently don’t drink any water, then start by adding a few glasses in each day. Work your way up!

Give Yourself Grace

My last tip is to give yourself grace on the journey. God doesn’t ask for your perfection – He asks for a heart that is surrendered to Him.

Read 20 Promises From God To Stand On.

So my friends, as you look to lose 2 pounds per week, just remember that you cannot control how fast or how slow the scale moves. So instead, learn to focus on the process of treating your body like a temple, not a trash can.

Learn The Skills With Our Food Freedom Workshop

So, you’ve made it this far on your quest to learn how to lose 2 pounds a week… what next?

Well, Ruth and I have a 5 day workshop. It’s called the Food Freedom Workshop, where we cover everything you need to know to start losing weight without being on a diet. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle, and over the course of just 5 days, you are going to learn to treat your body like a temple, make healthy choices, and ultimately create a healthy lifestyle that you will love for the rest of your life!

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How To Lose 2 Pounds A Week 4

Find out more about our Food Freedom Workshop here!

Remember, YOU are a woman chosen for greatness!
Kayce Broening

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