By Ruth Verbree

January 4, 2022

food freedom workshop

  1. Get rid of the time frame.
  2. Join the Food Freedom Workshop.
  3. Learn to love a healthy lifestyle where you are naturally losing weight while eating good nutrition for your body.

It seems that the more we obsess about losing weight, the more we eat and actually gain weight… Does this sound familiar to you?

Why is it that we do the things we don’t want to do? Why do we eat so much when we want to lose weight? It’s like we don’t have enough willpower! 

Here’s the thing – we need to Renew Our Minds Everyday! This takes effort and intentionality! It does not happen by magic; so sorry to burst your bubble 🙂

I do believe that it is possible for some people to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks, but to be totally honest, losing 15 pounds in 3 weeks is not possible for every single person. And you sure don’t want to be starving yourself for 3 weeks because that is just 3 weeks of pure misery!

Losing 15 Pounds Is Possible, But Not Necessarily In The 3 Week Time-Frame. 

God made each person unique, each with a different set of genes. We all have our own unique identity that no one else will ever possess. Your body may lose weight quickly, or you may be someone that loses weight a bit slower than the average person. Either way…it’s okay. We trust in the promise that with God in the journey – All things are possible – even a weight loss of 15 pounds. But, it’s all in His timing for each of our specific bodies. 

If you have 15 pounds to lose, then you should set a goal for yourself to lose those 15 pounds, but I believe that you should NOT put a time frame around your specific weight loss goal. A timeframe works for setting many other life goals, but not for weight loss because you cannot control the number on the scale. AND if you try to control that number…you’ll probably end up being disappointed, which will then make you ditch your healthy eating plan and gain all the weight back anyway, plus more.

SMART Goal Acronym

I really like the SMART goal acronym, except for the time-based part of it.

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How To Lose 15 Pounds in 3 Weeks 3

I like to say this is all in God’s time, but we need to do our part which is to take action. 

We can have a specific number for our target, like 15 pounds. Make it measurable – by living and eating a healthy way and being mindful of our portions. We can make it an attainable goal, and 15 pounds is a very doable goal. We also like to make it relevant and know why we want to achieve the goal. For instance, we need to lose weight so we’re able to play with our kids or grandkids and get up and down off the floor easier. And then we like to leave it in God’s hands for the timing because we know that when we treat our bodies well, like a temple, we do reap our rewards. The weight does come off! 

We must have a mind shift where we love ourselves the way we are right now. If we don’t love who we are now, we will not love who we are when we are down 15 pounds. Our identity is in Christ, not on the number on the scale. We do know that God wants us to treat our body like a temple, and so our mind must shift to that way of thinking. This takes effort and work and intentionality on our behalf. 

So let’s review: 

How do we lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks? 


We get rid of the time frame and we begin to focus on our health. This means we need to learn to treat our body like a temple rather than a trash can. We must become aware of every single thing we are putting into our bodies, which includes all the food we eat and all the liquid we consume. This is quite an extensive list, including processed junk food, fast-food, packaged foods, convenient foods, and all the sweetened coffees and teas we drink, plus any alcoholic drinks! This also means being aware of all the chemicals and preservatives we put into our bodies, including sugars and artificial sweeteners, food colorings and all the added ingredients that actually harm our bodies. 


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How To Lose 15 Pounds in 3 Weeks 4

Join our Food Freedom Workshop so that you finally find Freedom With Food once and for all! Get rid of the anxiety and the angst that you have over food and see yourself as God sees you – as a Beautiful Woman Chosen For Greatness. Once you have found this new freedom, you will be able to stop obsessing over food and be able to surrender it all to God.


Learn to live a healthy lifestyle (for life) where you will heal your body naturally, and you will lose the extra weight while eating good nutrition that actually fuels your body. You will have more energy, you will sleep better, you will feel lighter, you will get healthier and you will lose 15 pounds (if you want to) and best of all – you will be treating your body like a temple rather than a trash can! 

You will see that your identity is in Christ and not in a number on the scale! 
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You will love your new lifestyle and this will enable you to carry out the purpose God destined for you!
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You will soon be living a happy, healthy life full of purpose!

Blessings to you,
Ruth Verbree

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