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July 30, 2021

food freedom workshop

Woohoo! We are so excited to announce our next Food Freedom Workshop! It will start on Monday, August 23rd, 2021!

Invite God into your journey and take back control that food has over you! Click here to register now!

The Food Freedom Workshop takes place for 5 days, where you will completely transform your relationship with food and learn how to love yourself again. It all starts with allowing God in your journey.

Day 1: This day is all about Emotional Eating – and it is one that I know so many women relate to. We’ve broken it down into 3 categories of emotional eating… you’re going to learn a lot!

Day 2: Stop saying “I cheated!” On day 2, we look at how we define “treats” and teach you how, and more importantly, WHY to stop saying “I cheated!”

Day 3: Today is all about how we talk to ourselves… are you loving yourself well by giving yourself positive self-talk? Or, perhaps are you self-sabotaging yourself with negative self-talk? Let’s dive in…

Day 4: On Day 4, we’re going to Ditch our All or Nothing Thinking! We are all on a journey to improve our health, so it is all about progress NOT perfection.

Day 5: Today’s topic is all about fuelling your body and learning to change your lifestyle. Diets don’t work – diets are short-term fixes, not long-term solutions. We want to show you a new way that will work to lose the weight AND keep it off. That’s why we must learn to make lifestyle changes. Day 5, we are going to teach you how to FIRE YOUR DIET once and for all!

What’s Included In The Food Freedom Workshop?

Each day, you’ll get an email in the morning with a link to watch a video we’ve recorded, and then a worksheet to work through throughout the day. Then, we do a Live at 5 (Pacific Time) where we answer all of your questions, give you loads and loads of encouragement, and work through the daily teachings! All of this happens inside of our Facebook group!

All of this is free, and the most important part is all of the encouragement that happens inside of the Facebook group. Women truly love this! In our last Food Freedom Workshop, we were getting literally hundreds of posts per day inside of the group! It is amazing and you will want to be a part of it!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our next Food Freedom Workshop, starting August 23rd, here!

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