About Us

Ruth and Kayce Cutout

Our Mission is to help You transform Your life by learning to love who God created you to be! This means:

  • Treating your body like a temple
  • Learning to see yourself as God sees you
  • Fueling your body well so you can be at a healthy weight
  • Renewing your mind daily

Every morning on our Company Huddle we read the WEIGH DOWN Mission out loud together:

The mission of Weigh Down Lifestyle is to help Christian women lose weight even if they have tried before and failed. We help women love themselves again, gain back their confidence, improve the overall quality of their life, and change the health of their entire family. We do this through daily encouragement and by providing the best information, products, and services possible in the 4 pillars of fitness, nutrition, accountability and renewing your mind. We know we are successful each time we create a complete physical and mental transformation in one of our customers. We are the Weigh Down Lifestyle.